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Call us for all your catering needs also, we do all sizes of parties and events of any size. We will even cater for one, if you wish. We are known for not only our reasonable pricing but our ability to meet your needs and make the event truly memorable. We can deliver the food or you can pick it up. If needed, we can even serve at the party or event. From full service catering or just supplying the food we can help make your gathering great.

Our slow smoked meats are not the only thing that can be on your menu. We can supply the beverages and the baked goods, like cakes and cookies. Baked fresh our cookies, cakes, and other assorted goods can't be beat. Made by us and delivered fresh there's no way it gets any better, just like our BBQ. You order from us you can't lose.

So if you are thinking about that shindig and you didn’t include Fitties, you missed the whole point of why people give parties! Yes everyone wants to come see you and have a good time, but I hate to break it to you, they really want Fitties( they just ain't tellin' you that part). It's probably going to be the main reason why they'll show up!

As a matter of fact, we'll bet you that if you are planning a party or event, someone is bound to come by and ask us if we're catering it..... cause they want some Fitties! Now don't go getting upset with em..... they just want to make sure things go right for you. They don't want to be talkin behind your back goin “the music is alright, but they should have gotten the food from Fitties” . Nobody wants to hear that about the party.

So just to avoid all that, give us a call and we'll make sure that if they are gonna talk about your party behind your back, they'll be talkin about coaching you into throwing another one!

And, for all of you Fitties lovers thinking…( I should have thrown that  party) … you should have.. but we understand … you were invited… but if you are a true friend, instead of wondering ‘why do I have to go to a party that is serving up good grub”? we say to you, tell them.. if you are truly a friend and you want it to be the best party you will ever go to …. Tell them, enlighten their souls.. Fitties… it’s all you have to say, the message will get through.

 And again for all of you poor desperate souls saying, “why do I have to go to a party that has Fitties, gotta encourage them not to go down in flames… we say… get some Fitties for yourself… it’ is the only way to make sure.. and at the party remind everyone it’s yours… you do this by saying “ this is not for you”!

If it gets out of hand, we have one suggestion, remind them they were only coming to see you because you had Fitties, like a baby with a bone around their neck just so the dog would play with em! Let em know, be proud of saying “you get nothing!”.


This has been a public service message from Fitties! And no we are not sorry about it! So what if it got out of hand!


More public service message coming soon to a town near you! Be well all!





            When it comes to Texas B-B-Q, Fitties restaurant in Bastrop rocks!  That’s what nearly 2000 internet friends will tell you.  Fitties was opened in 1997 by owner J.O. Gratten, but J.O.’s family has been known for their culinary skill since before the late 1800’s, as a T.V. documentary about the Gratten family’s history is about to show. 


            And it’s not just the Restaurant!  The catering experience J.O. and his team have makes them the perfect choice for any event, large or small.  That’s right—you can bring the Fitties experience you’ve had at the restaurant anywhere you want!  Just check out our website for details at “”.  Fitties is perfect for family events like weddings, reunions, graduation parties and other school events.  Fitiies is also perfect for any business event you have, from small company parties to large conventions.  And let’s not forget pure fun!  Fitties is the perfect choice for everything from college events like fraternity and sorority parties, to neighborhood block parties, to good ole’ bashes down by the lake.  If your idea of fun is something more intimate, fear not—Fitties will cater an event of any size, down to even one person.  Check our website at “” for all the booking details you need to let us help you create memorable experiences.


            Whether your event is large or small, your friends, family, and compatriots will remember a get-together catered by Fitiies.  J.O. and his team at Fitties are all about details.  J.O.’s father taught him that love goes into the fire pit before anything else does, and J.O. takes that seriously, so love comes back out of the fire pit and goes into every step of preparations.  Your guests will love the results, which include recipes and side-dishes taken everywhere from Texas to the Gratten family’s origins in Alabama, where some of the herbs and spices they use still grow wild.


            All this culinary diversity and experience means that Fitties’ friendly staff is ready from beginning to end to help you plan and throw your event your way.  And you can have it your way.  Yes, Texas B-B-Q is spicy by definition, but Fitties will cater it anywhere from mild to extra hot.  And it doesn’t end there!—each staff member is known for their specialties within the culinary mix.  These specialties combine knowledge of different regional recipes with each member’s personal touch, which is once again derived from the love they have for their art.  Our website can hook you up with the full range of possibilities for all of your guest’s needs.  Fitties even has a special brisket that’s virtually fat free, and while this sort of flies in the face of what good, fatty Texas B-B-Q is all about for most of us, it is available for those with health concerns who still want have have some Fitties goodness.


It all comes down to having your catered event done your way, so let us help you build memories.  Get in touch with our website at “” for all the information you need.  Talk to our growing list of web friends and listen to their constant enthusiastic comments.  You’ll see why bringing the wonderfully diverse feel that is our restaurant in Bastrop to your next catered event will create a lasting experience that your guests will remember and talk about for years.                



Fitties BBQ has been catering events for years! All itmes order are of the same high quality as all of our menu items, which means you get our impeccable service, quality, and fair pricing that we have always been known for!

All catering is based on regular BBQ items, at 2 meats and 2 sides per person, 1 dessert, including condiments (such as pickles, onions, sauce, all the trimmings).... plates, forks, knives, spoons, and cups. everything you need to serve a great meal to your guests.

The basic BBQ items are as follows: your choice of meats are, Chicken, SausageBrisket and of course Burgers.

Extended sides menu that includes our Holiday sides and adds specialty sides such as Dirty Rice, Green Bean Casserole and more, just ask when ordering what we have available.

While we have a basic catering plan, we are also able to do expanded items such as Ribs, Steaks, Chops, and other meats, sides, specialty desserts and baked goods which we are known for and more, you name it.

When ordered, our catering quotes will be based on 4 servings per pound. Basic BBQ catering price is $ 9.99 per person.

We can package our catering for pick up and customer serving or we can send Fitties staff for an additional $ .89 per person.

Fitties is able to cater small, medium, and large events, typically we ask weeks andvance notice to be fully prepared for the event wether our staff is needed for serving or not.

We are also able to cater theme events (special pricing applies), such as Sports parties, Weddings, Birthdays, Valetine's day, etcetera. From Office parties and Large and Small Group Gatherings to Intimate Occasions, Fittes is able to make the experience memorable.

So, give us a call and let us help plan your event and provide our great Fitties food!