Fitties BBQ

                                                          Breakfast Tacos and Plates

Big Breakfast Taco

Any 3 Items $2.99

Bacon    Tomatoes    Sausage    Beans    Beef    Onions    Potatoes   

Eggs      Jalapenos

Additional items including Cheese and Brisket $0.99 extra

Jailhouse    $3.59

Marty          $4.19

Big Brisket Taco  $3.99 

Tuesday JailHouse Special

10 for 15$!! 

Breakfast Sandwich

2 Biscuits & Sausage   $ 4.19

1 Biscuit, Sausage, Egg, & Cheese   $2.39

Breakfast Plate $5.49

Sausage, Bacon, 2 Biscuits, 2 Eggs & Home Fries





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