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As anyone knows, Texas means B-B-Q, and right outside of Austin there’s a spot in Bastrop that is Texas B-B-Q…Fitties!  A longstanding core of regulars will tell you the same thing as a growing list of new customers—whether you want a meal at the restaurant or a catered party, you just haven’t had Texas B-B-Q until you’ve had Fitties.

            Fitties opened in Bastrop in 1981, but owner J.O. Gratten’s ties to his smokey tradition stretch the bounds of time and geography.  The Grattens have been renowned for their culinary skill long before the time J.O. loses track of his recorded family history in 1888.  The spices the Grattens use to create their unforgettable cuisine still grow wild from Texas to the families’ roots in Alabama.

            Fitties is a family affair.  Brothers Richard and Gary, along with sister-in-law Teri, are integral in helping J.O. keep the home fires burning.  Each family member is renowned for their own specialties within the culinary mix.  Whether it’s Teri’s breakfast tacos, Richard’s breads, or a healthy portion of Gary or J.O.’s brisket, each family member brings their own special touch to every dish, creating a genuine down-home feel.

            The Gratten family’s cooking has always been about community.  J.O.’s father, Theodis, was dubbed Austin’s “Deacon Q” in honor of the huge B-B-Q party he threw every year.  Everyone knew when the party was imminent by the large quantities of certain supplies the “Deacon” was seen buying at the store.  Word spread, and speculation abounded as to which of the “Deacon’s” seemingly infinite array of side dishes would accompany the star of the show—the beef!  The community would enhance the party by bringing their own versions of different side dishes, many of which became parts of the stockpile of recipes still found at Fitties today. 

Fitties means community at the heart of Texas.  J.O. remembers a neighborhood friend, “Mr. Lucky”, asking Theodis what “secret” ingredient went into his fine cookery.  The “Deacon” answered that there was one.  The room got quiet as he explained that before any of the meat went into the fire pit, love was added first.

In creating the Fitties experience, J.O. has remembered his father’s involvement with the community.  Theodis once said that every neighborhood could and should have its own “Deacon-Q”.  Now they can!  J.O. has created a SCHOOL OF B-B Q- where anyone can absorb well over a hundred years of Gratten family knowledge to create their own culinary treasures.  Information is available at Fitties in Bastrop, or on their website at “”, where one can also find information about restaurant hours, catering, and specials.         


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